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Mayor of Falmouth - A Brief Biography


Born and raised in Falmouth being the fourth sibling of six children of the late Eric and late Doreen Eva. I started school at the age of four first attending Beacon School followed by Wellington Terrace then Smithick and then on to Falmouth School. My circle of close friends to this day include class mates from my days at Wellington Terrace School.

I left school at the age of sixteen and joined the Royal Navy where I served on two ships before joining the submarine service. When my parents both passed away at an early age I decided to leave the Navy at the age of 33 and purchased my own business, Fal Carpet Cleaners, which I still own. As I am approaching retirement I am pleased that my son is standing by keen to take over the realm. 

I have been married to Victoria for thirty eight years and we have two children, Joseph and Jessica and a grandson, Freddie. We are a very close family and believe in making lots of memories. I feel that with Victoria by my side as my Mayoress I have great support in my role as Mayor. Victoria' s passion for Falmouth as well as my own is second to none. 

I have been a Falmouth Town Councillor for sixteen years and have also in that time served as a Carrick District Councillor and then subsequently a Cornwall Councillor. During this time I have seen considerable changes to the town mostly for the better. One of my proudest achievements has been working in partnership with Mike Varney to secure the provision of the Phoenix Cinema in Berkley Vale. 

I am looking forward to my year as Mayor of Falmouth and will do so with pride and passion. I will endeavour to work endlessly to continue to improve the town where I was born and raised and our children were born and raised and where we all still live. 

We must plan for the future so that future generations can stay and live in the town they love. We must ensure Falmouth thrives and opportunities are grasped. 

Councillor Steve Eva 

Town Mayor