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Falmouth Town Council


Falmouth Town Council was formed in 1974 from the historic Falmouth Borough Council. Falmouth received its Order of Charter in 1661. It is currently comprised of sixteen Councillors (four represent the Boslowick and Arwenack Wards, five represent the Penwerris Ward and three represent the Trescobeas Ward). Each of whom serve a four year term of office.

The Council has a six weekly meeting cycle and there are four standing committees:

Cultural Services & Leisure

(Councillors Edwards (Chair), Chin-Quee (Vice-Chair), Coley, D V Evans, G F Evans, Saunby, Seiler and Young)

Planning & Licensing

(Councillors Rowe (Chair), Spargo (Vice-Chair), Clegg, Eva, G F Evans, Jewell, Robinson and Young)

Finance & General Purposes

(Councillors Robinson (Chair), Ross (Vice-Chair), Clegg, Coley, Eva, D V Evans, Jewell & Kirkham)

Staffing (not open to the public)

(Councillors Coley (Chair), Kirkham (Vice-Chair), Edwards, Eva, G F Evans, Robinson)

Grounds, Facilities & Environmental Action

(Councillors Kirkham (Chair), Clegg (Vice-Chair), Edwards, D V Evans, Seiler, Saunby, Spargo and Young)


As well as other Sub-Committees and Working Groups.

Councillor drop-in resident surgeries are held on the last Friday in every month between 10.30am and 1 pm at the Municipal Buildings. 

Town Councillors

Arwenack Ward

Boslowick Ward

Penwerris Ward

Trescobeas Ward

For Councillor Register of Interest Forms please see Cornwall Council http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/community-and-living/communities-and-devolution/community-networks/falmouth-and-penryn/falmouth-and-penryn-community-network-town-and-parish-councils/falmouth-town-council/

To view list of Councillor Representatives who sit on Outside Bodies click here

To view list of Councillor Champions click here

Cornwall Councillors

Cornwall Councillors serving Falmouth are:

Arwenack Ward

Boslowick Ward

Penwerris Ward

Trescobeas and Budock Ward


All Planning and primary meetings will commence at 6pm where no other meeting is scheduled, where another meeting is scheduled the meeting will commence at 7pm. 
The Annual Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting (APM) will commence at 7pm.

MAY 2022

16th May - Annual Council & Mayor Making (7pm) (Princess Pavilion)

23rd May - Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)


JUNE 2022

13th June - Planning & Licensing (5pm) (Council Chamber)

                   Finance & General Purposes (6pm) (Council Chamber)

                   Council (7pm) (Council Chamber)

27th June - Staffing (Atherton Suite)

JULY 2022

4th July -   Interim Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

18th July - Finance & General Purposes (Atherton Suite)

                 Grounds, Facilities & Environmental Action (Atherton Suite)

25th July - Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

                 Cultural Services & Leisure (Atherton Suite) (to be rescheduled)


8th August -   Staffing (Atherton Suite)

15th August - Interim Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)



5th September -   Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

                            Council (Council Chamber

12th September - Finance & General Purposes (Atherton Suite)

19th September - Grounds, Facilities & Environmental Action (Atherton Suite)

26th September - Interim Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)




3rd October -  Staffing (Atherton Suite)

10th October - Cultural Services & Leisure (Art Gallery)

17th October - Planning & LIcensing (Atherton Suite)

24th October - Finance & General Purposes (Atherton Suite)


7th November -   Interim Planning & LIcensing (Atherton Suite)

14th November - Finance & General Purposes (Atherton Suite)

21st November - Grounds, Facilities & Environmental Action (Atherton Suite)

28th November - Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)


5th December -  Staffing

12th December - Council (Council Chamber)

19th December - Interim Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)



9th January -   Interim Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

16th January - Finance & General Purposes (Atherton Suite)

22nd January - Grounds, Facilities & Environmental Action (Atherton Suite)

                       Cultural Services & Leisure (Atherton Suite)

30th January - Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)



13th - Staffing (Atherton Suite)

20th - Interim Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

27th - Finance & General Purposes (Atherton Suite)

MARCH 2023

13th March - Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

                     Council (Council Chamber)

20th March - Grounds, Facilities & Environmental Action (Atherton Suite)

27th March - Annual Parish Meeting (Atherton Suite)

APRIL 2023

3rd April -   Interim Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

17th April - Finance & General Purposes (Atherton Suite)

                   Staffing (Atherton Suite)

24th April - Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

                   Cultural Services & Leisure (Atherton Suite)


MAY 2023

8th -   Grounds, Facilities & Environmental Action (Atherton Suite)

15th - Interim Planning & Licensing (Atherton Suite)

22nd -Annual Council & Mayor Making (Princess Pavilion)