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Council Meetings


(Please scroll down or click here to see a dates of all council and committee meetings for 2024/2025)

The Council meets every quarter and agrees the reports and recommendations from its various committees, of which there are currently five standing committees.

All planning and primary meetings will commence at 6pm, where no other meeting is scheduled. Where another meeting is scheduled the meeting will commence at 7pm.

The Annual Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting (APM) will commence at 7pm.

The five standing committees are as follows:

  • Cultural Services & Leisure (Councillors Seiler (Chair), Coley (Vice-Chair), Chin-Quee, Edwards, D V Evans, G F Evans, Spargo and Young)
  • Planning & Licensing (Councillors Eva (Chair), Clegg (Vice-Chair), G F Evans, Jewell, Robinson, Ross, Rowe and Spargo)
  • Finance & General Purposes (Councillors Robinson (Chair), Clegg (Vice-Chair), Coley, Eva, D V Evans, Jewell, Kirkham and Rowe)
  • Staffing (not open to the public) (Councillors Coley (Chair), Kirkham (Vice-Chair), Edwards, Eva, G F Evans, Robinson)
  • Grounds, Facilities & Environmental Action (Councillors Clegg (Chair), Kirkham (Vice-Chair), Edwards, D V Evans, Rowe, Saunby, Spargo and Young)


For procedures on public speaking at Council meetings and for further details of how to register to speak please  Click here (the pdf will open in a new browser window) or see FAQ's below for further information. 

Can a Member of the Public ask a question during an ordinary Council meeting?

  • Members of the public may ask questions at an ordinary meeting of the Council. 

Number of Questions

  • At any one meeting no person may submit more than one question and no more than one additional question.

Notice of Questions

  • A question will only be asked if notice has been given by delivering it in writing or by electonic mail to the Town Clerk, no later than 48hours before the day of the meeting. Each question must be directed to Member(s) (Councillor(s)) and give the names and addresses of the questioner.

Order of Questions

  • Questions will be asked in the order notice of them was recieved, except that the Town Mayor may group together similar questions.

Scope of Questions

The Town Clerk may reject a question if it:

  • Is not about a matter for which the Council has responsbility or which affects the Town
  • Is defamatory, frivolous or offensive
  • Is substantially the same as a question which has been put a meeting of the Council in the past six months; or
  • Requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information

Asking the questions at the meeting

  • The Town Mayor will invite the questioner to put the question to the Member(s) named in the notice. If a questioner who has submitted a written question is unable to be present, they may ask the Town Mayor or Town Clerk to put the question on their behalf. A written reply will be given to the questioner within a reasonable period following the meeting.

Supplemental question

  • A questioner who has put a question in person may also put one supplementary question without notice. A supplementary question may arise directly out of the original question or the reply. The Town Mayor may reject a supplementary question on any of the grounds in Procedure Rule 'scope of questions' above.

Written answers

  • Any question which cannot be dealt with during public question time, either because of lack of time or because of the non-attendance of the Member to whom it was to be put, will be dealt with by a written answer.

Reference of question to a Committee

  • Unless the Town Mayor decideds otherwise, no discussion will be take place on any question, but any Member may move that a matter raised by a question be referred to the appropriate Committee or Sub-Committee. Once seconded, such a motion will be vetoed on without discussion.


MAY 2024

13th  May - Annual Council & Mayor Making (7pm) (Princess Pavilion)

20th May -  Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

JUNE 2024

3rd June -   Finance & General Purposes Committee  (6pm) (Council Chamber)

3rd June -   Council (7pm) (Council Chamber) 

10th June - Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

12th June - Cultural Services & Leisure Committee  (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

12th June - Grounds Facilities & Environmental Action Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

17th June - Staffing Commitee

JULY 2024

1st July  -  Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

8th July -   Finance & General Purposes Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

22nd July - Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)



19th August - Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)



9th September   -   Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

9th September   -   Finance & General Purposes Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

11th September -   Cultural Services & Leisure Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)                     

11th September -   Grounds Facilities & Environmental Action Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

16th September -   Council (6pm) (Council Chamber)

23rd September -   Staffing Committee

30th September -   Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)


21st October - Planning & LIcensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

21st October - Finance & General Purposes Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)


11th November  - Planning & LIcensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

13th November  - Cultural Services & Leisure Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

18th November -  Staffing Committee


2nd December  -  Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

2nd December -   Finance & General Pruposes Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

9th December  -  Council (6pm)(Council Chamber)

16th December - Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)


13th January  - Planning & Licensing Committe (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

13th January -  Finance & General Purposes Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

15th January -  Cultural Services & Leisure Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

15th January -  Grounds Facilities & environmental Action Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

20th January -  Staffing Committee 


3rd February   - Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suitte)

24th February - Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

24th February - Finance & General Purposes Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

MARCH 2025

10th March - Council (6pm) (Council Chamber)

17th March - Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

19th March - Cultural Services & Leisure Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

19th March - Grounds Facilities & environmental Action Committee (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

24th March - Staffing Committee

24th March - Annual Parish Meeting (7pm) (Atherton Suite)

APRIL 2025

7th April  -   Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

14th April -  Finance & General Purposes Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

28th April -  Planning & Licensing (6pm) (Atherton Suite)

MAY 2025

19th May - Annual Council & Mayor Making (7pm) (Princess Pavilion)

21st May - Planning & Licensing Committee (6pm) (Atherton Suite) (TO BE CONFIRMED)