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FAQ (The Mayor)

Frequently asked questions about the Mayor:

How does the Mayor get to be Mayor?

Any candidate for the post of Mayor must be a member of the Council. The election of the Mayor is the first item of business at the Annual Meeting with the election being decided by a majority of members present and voting on the matter at the meeting. The Mayor’s term of office runs from May to May. Any member of the public must become a Town Councillor before they can become Town Mayor if they are elected.

How do I address the Town Mayor in a letter or in conversation?

A letter:

The Worshipful the Town Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor (and their name). Then Dear ‘Mr Town Mayor’ or ‘Madam Town Mayor’ in the case of a lady.

A formal speech:

The Worshipful the Town Mayor of Falmouth Councillor (and their name)

The Deputy Mayor is not entitled to “The Worshipful”.

Less formal speech:

Mr Town Mayor or Madam Town Mayor.

The Mayor is a lady what do I call her?

It is still the Worshipful the Town Mayor! Think of the office and chain not the person.

Who is the Mayor’s Consort?

The Mayor’s Consort accompanies and assists the Town Mayor on occasions. The Mayor’s Consort should be accorded a similar respect to that of the Town Mayor. The Consort has no official title.

When does the Mayor need to speak?

If you want the Mayor to say a few words (make a speech) then the Mayor should speak after the host. This usually makes the Mayor the second speaker. The Mayor should be announced, and a formal occasion should have preambles.

What are preambles?

Preambles are a way of acknowledging people in order of their roles

The Town Mayor will always be the first person mentioned in the preamble unless Her Majesty The Queen or the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall is present. You do not need to mention the Lady Mayoress in the preamble.

On such an occasion the order of presentation by the Lord-Lieutenant to the Royal Visitor will normally be:

Lord Lieutenant and Spouse

High Sheriff and Spouse

Chairman of the County Council and Spouse

County Chief Executive and Spouse

Chairman of District Council and Spouse

Mayor and Mayoress and Town Clerk and Lady

Member of Parliament and Spouse

Chief Constable and Spouse

What should I do when the Mayor arrives?

On arrival the Town Mayor (wearing his chain of office) will either have experience of your type of event or will have read the information you will have supplied to the office. Either way someone should greet the Town Mayor on arrival. The event host should always meet with the Town Mayor. You should allocate someone to accompany the Town Mayor during the visit if the event host is otherwise engaged.

What should I wear to a function at the Municipal Buildings?

The Town Mayor will be dressed smartly as a mark of respect for invited guests, therefore it is only fitting that you try to reciprocate, not all gentlemen may have a suit but a shirt and tie would be most welcome.

Will the Town Mayor come to my event?

You will not know unless you ask! The Town Mayor usually accepts the first invitation for a particular date providing it is appropriate for the Town Mayor to attend. So yes, but invite the Town Mayor as soon as possible.

I have a formal dinner where should the Town Mayor sit?

On the right of the host unless Her Majesty The Queen or the Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall are present.