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Changes to waste collection services

From 2 April Cornwall Council will be making changes to householders rubbish, recycling and garden waste collections inCornwall. All households will receive information about the new services, so everyone will need to keep an eye out for the leaflets and keep them safe.

Rubbish Collections

For most households the rubbish collection service will remain the same using a weekly “black sack” service. However, we will have to change a number of collection days to make the new collection rounds as efficient as possible.  

Anyone who currently has a wheeled bin or used a standard rubbish bin for storing their waste, will still be able to use this, but we need the rubbish to be bagged inside the bins, when they put out for collection.

For full details of rubbish and recycling collections from 1st April 2012 Click Here

Recycling Collections

There will be a new fortnightly recycling collection service, based on a recycling box and three reusable bags.

Some areas of Cornwall already have some of this equipment. We do not intend to waste taxpayer’s money by replacing existing reusable boxes and bags with new ones, so we will only be delivering new equipment in specific areas to ensure all householders have the full set of containers to help them to recycle.

From 6th March 2012 we will begin delivering the following equipment to the former district areas: 

For details of Recycling Collections from 1st April 2012 Click Here

Former North Cornwall, Caradon and Restormel

This new system will replace the current arrangements of different coloured disposable plastic sacks.

We will deliver a black recycling box for glass, a blue reusable sack for paper, a red reusable sack for cans and plastic bottles, an orange reusable sack for cardboard and we will collect textiles in plastic bags that the householder must provide themselves.

This new system will replace the current arrangements of different coloured disposable plastic sacks.

Former Carrick

This area already has a black box for glass, a red sack for paper and a yellow sack for cans and plastic bottles.

We will deliver a reusable orange sack to all households for their cardboard.

Former Kerrier

This area already has blue boxes for glass and paper and blue sacks for cans and plastic bottles.

We will deliver a new reusable blue sack for paper and a reusable orange sack for cardboard.

Former Penwith

This area already has green boxes for glass.  

We will deliver a reusable blue sack for paper, a reusable red sack for cans and plastic bottles, and a reusable orange sack for cardboard.

We have taken into account that not all residents in the west ofCornwallwill have all of the equipment that was originally delivered to their properties by the former District/Borough Councils. We have therefore ordered sufficient containers to deliver any additional containment to households on request.

This service change will be a vast operation, and it will take at least a couple of months to deliver all of the equipment to every property inCornwall.

Delivery will begin in the eastern half ofCornwallin March, where there is currently no reusable equipment.  The west of theCornwallalready has some of this equipment and so will be able to continue to recycle as they currently do until the additional equipment arrives.

Each delivery of containers will be accompanied by a leaflet that will explain how householders should use the new service.

Garden waste collections

The new garden waste collection service will be based on the use of brown wheeled bins. To access the service residents will need to buy a new wheeled bin, which will remain their property for future years. Residents will then need to subscribe to the scheme. There are two sizes of bins available and residents will be able to buy a six or twelve month permit to the service.

The Council will also have reusable sacks available for residents who are unable to manage or accommodate a wheeled bin at their property. This service will only be available to these properties in consultation with the Council.

For details of Garden Waste Collections from 1st April 2012 Click Here


We will inform residents of these changes with leaflet with each delivery and a service leaflet, including a calendar which will be posted to each individual property in mid March.

There is more information on the Councils website www.cornwall.gov.uk/recycling or householders can call 0300 1234 141, or email refuseandrecycling@cornwall.gov.uk.