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The Falmouth Green Corridor Forum, a new community volunteer group formed earlier this year, has now established an action plan to conserve, enhance and promote the woodlands, habitats, ecosystem and green spaces which border the Bickland Stream as it flows from its source at Kergilliack to its outlet at Swanpool Beach.

The Forum was established by three community conservation groups active along the green corridor, these being, Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland, Prislow Woods Community Project and Swanpool Forum. These groups felt that a parent or “overarching” group was necessary to help coordinate their activities and to address matters which require a “whole corridor” perspective, such as pollution monitoring, protection from inappropriate developments, education/awareness programmes, etc. Members of these groups have been joined in the Forum by representatives from Cornwall Council, Falmouth Town Council, Cormac, Environment Agency, South West Water, Falmouth Civic Society, Falmouth Allotments Association, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and individuals with interests and expertise in nature conservation. The establishment of the Forum also responds to a proposal contained in the Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan which sets out the principles of establishing a Falmouth green corridor along the Bickland Stream.

A meeting of the Forum on 23rd September, elected Falmouth Town Councillor Tony Parker as its Chair and agreed a programme of activities to progress over the coming months, these include:

Establishment of a co-ordinated pollution monitoring programme at various points along the Bickland Stream.

Engaging with the Environment Agency on producing an information and awareness programme for residents, businesses and schools in the catchment area of the Bickland Stream

Monitoring ongoing discussions aimed at establishing and maintaining a pathway through South West Water land at Prislow Woods.

Production of a descriptive map, leaflet and video of the green corridor for use in promotional and education programmes

The Forum’s Chair, Tony Parker, said, “I feel very encouraged and inspired by this new group as it is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of one of Falmouth’s less well known assets and responds to the universal call for increasing bio-diversity to assist combatting climate change. It is also a positive reflection on Falmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan which proposed the establishment of the green corridor as one of its many initiatives to protect and conserve Falmouth’s cherished green spaces.”

Anyone with relevant expertise who would like to join the Falmouth Green Corridor Forum, or wishing to find out more, should contact the secretary at dryelland@aol.com.