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March 2007

Wats on Falmouth

Wats on Falmouth is a new project that has been set up by children and adults, for young people and community groups to e-mail in info on up and coming events in Falmouth. They will then be published onto a website like Bebo or My Space for young people to see. The aim of the project is to make youths more aware of events and to get them to join in. If you have any inquires or info on up and coming events then please e-mail them to watsonfalmouth@hotmail.co.uk.

Thank you

Government Energy Saving Advice

Government Energy Saving Advice Service delivered by local charity – Business support

Does your business utilise lots of energy? Do you want to increase your customer base through green credentials? Are you generally keen to do your bit to reduce the counties industry environmental impact whilst contributing to the local economy?

Cessation of 24 hour manning at Falmouth Fire Station

Following the Council decision to oppose Cornwall County Council plans to cease 24 hour cover at Falmouth Fire Station the Mayor, Councillor Roger Bonney, is seeking expressions of support to retain cover as it is.

The Council believes the proposal is to the detriment of public safety and has serious implications for the fighting of fires in Falmouth and all outlying areas. Residents are encouraged to demonstrate their support for Falmouth Fire Fighters by adding their name to the list being collated by the Mayor.

Fairtrade Falmouth

Falmouth became a Fairtrade Town late 2005, the first Fairtrade Town in Cornwall.

The Council took the initiative to join the Fairtrade Association to support businesses, organisations and individuals who wished to be part of the global movement for fair and ethical trading.

Transition Falmouth

Engaging the community in designing a vibrant low energy future for Falmouth and the surrounding area to face the twin challenges posed by Peak Oil and Climate Change.

As the price of energy continues to rise steeply, we become increasingly aware of our dependence on all that cheap oil has made possible. Many experts now agree that world oil production is reaching its peak and the time of cheap oil (and gas) is over.