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Roundabout Sponsorship

In April 2017 Falmouth Town Council entered into an agreement with Cornwall Council to take over the management of 5 roundabouts in and around Falmouth; reductions in Cornwall Council’s available budget would otherwise see a decline in the standard of maintenance, leaving them looking unkempt at best or in the worst-case scenario planting schemes would be removed and roundabouts returned to grass. It is the Town Council’s desire to increase the maintenance standards to further enhance and better maintain these roundabouts as it is felt that these amenity assets offer a feeling of wellbeing to the community as well as offering a pleasing welcome to visitors to the town that compliments Falmouth’s association with award-winning parks & gardens. In order to lessen the financial burden on the Council Tax payer the Council has resolved to seek sponsorship to assist in bringing about this desire.

Falmouth Town Council has a proud history of successful partnership working and are offering the chance to associate their companies with both the activities of Falmouth Town Council and some of the most iconic roundabouts in the country through this sponsorship initiative.

 Council are asking Organisations to submit sealed bids for up to five roundabouts. Organisations can obtain an application pack by emailing a request to simonpenna@falmouthtowncouncil.com and must include a full postal address.

Roundabout Street View

The Shingle roundabout Ponsharden
The New Union Corner roundabout (nr Falmouth School)
The Cannons/Anchor roundabout Hillhead
The Herbaceous/shrub roundabout Ponsharden (nr Park & Float)
The Recreation ground roundabout (nr Falmouth Rugby ground)