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Seagull Proof Sacks for Every Falmouth Resident

Falmouth Town Council has taken delivery of 11,000 seagull-proof sacks which they hope will be snapped up by local residents and will help solve the town's rubbish problem.
Thanks to a partnership with Falmouth University and the University of Exeter, the sacks are being offered free of charge to residents of Falmouth and by this weekend they should be available to collect from a number of shops.
Simon Penna, the town council's grounds and facilities manager, said: "The aim is to get these into every household in Falmouth. They are only available to residents in Falmouth and will not be emptied in any other town."
The sacks can hold six standard bin bags, have a Velcro fastening lid, two carry handles and are extremely tough. The idea is that, if used properly, they will prevent seagulls and any vermin, from tearing apart the regular bin bags and so prevent rubbish from being strewn across streets.
They will be available to collect from Tesco in Killigrew Street, Marks and Spencer and Trago Mills as well as the One Stop Shop in Church Street and the Beacon Resource Office at the top of Old Hill. A pallet load is also going to be delivered to the Penryn Campus, but only for students living in Falmouth, and local letting agencies will also be taking some and distributing them to their tennants across the town.
Anyone who has any questions about the sacks should call Falmouth Town Council on 01326 315559.