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Sand Safe

sand safe campaign for a safer falmouth


Help keep Falmouth’s beaches safe.

Falmouth Town Council and Safer Falmouth have joined forces to create the new Sand Safe campaign. The aim is to work together with the community to make our beaches safer. Here’s how you can help…

No open fires on the beaches

A fire or barceue on the beach sounds idyllic, but can be the cause of serious injuries to people and animals. Burning wood with nails in it, or burying a disposable barbecues in the sand can all leave harmful debris hidden from sight. Fires can also cause plastic ‘pebbles’ – a mix of melted plastic, shingle and seaweed that can have devastating effects on wildlife.

Clean up after your dog

We’re a nation of dog lovers, but their waste can cause health issues, especially for children. Always make sure you clean up after your dog, and never leave plastic bags on the beach.

Tidy up after yourself – leave nothing but footprints

Litter only does harm. To wildlife, to people and animals, and to the ocean. Do your bit to help keep our beaches safe and clean.


Sarah Walker, Environmental Officer for Falmouth Town Council, said: “We are asking for everyone’s help in keeping Falmouth’s beaches safe for residents, visitors and marine life. Through the campaign we hope to share knowledge about how to enjoy the beaches in a safe way, which is particularly important during this challenging time. By working together to keep the sand safe, we can ensure a safer, cleaner and greener environment for everyone.”