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Falmouth Spring Clean

Easter is early this year and work has now started to get Falmouth looking its best ahead of the Holiday. Over the next few weeks the Waste Management and Cleansing Team from Carrick District Council will start its annual spring clean works in preparation for the season.

Alan Miller, Principal Waste Management Officer at Carrick said ‘Every year we do this spring clean to get ready for the season ahead. All litter bins will receive their pre-season deep cleanse, repaired and repainted where necessary. Public toilets will be redecorated to keep them up the high standard that people expect and the summer opening times for the toilets will commence from the Easter weekend, when the toilets will be open from 08.00 – 21.30 hrs. The beaches will also be spruced up to remove seaweed and winter debris, paths will be cleaned of sand and litter and recycling bins will be put in place. Finally, some of the alleyways in Falmouth will get disinfected and power washed’. Mr Miller added ‘although this is special work ahead of the Easter Holidays let’s not forget that we will continue to work hard every day to remove waste and litter and carry out our cleansing jobs to ensure that Falmouth and everyplace within Carrick looks its best all year round. We would also ask everybody to do their bit to keep the district looking good for residents and visitors to enjoy’.

This message is backed up by the Take Pride in Falmouth Initiative, a partnership that includes Falmouth Town Council, Carrick District Council and local businesses. Chair of the group, and Mayor of Falmouth Councillor Mike Varney said ‘we call on all of the people of Falmouth, residents and business people to do what they can to get Falmouth looking great for the Easter and to keep it that way for the whole of the rest of the year. We can all make efforts to make a difference; take care when you put out your rubbish, stop the seagulls being able to make such a mess of things; put your litter in a bin or take it home with you. Shops and businesses, now is the time to see if you need to smarten up or clean up the front of your buildings. We did a lot last year and the whole Town has seen the benefits, let’s make even more effort this year’.

Falmouth Pride, Falmouth Town Council and Carrick District Council are also supporting the two ‘Clean Cornwall’ weeks being organised this year across the County by Clean Cornwall a new partnership of Councils, businesses and other organisations set up to reduce litter in Cornwall by:

  • raising awareness of the problems caused by litter
  • campaigning to change behaviour
  • improving the way local councils and others manage litter
  • supporting community efforts to reduce and collect litter

The first clean up week was organised last year, its introductory year, when hundreds of willing volunteers were recruited to the campaign. It is set to get bigger and better for its second year with not one, but two Clean Cornwall Weeks. The first week kicks off in April with a countywide spring clean from 12th to 20th April and this will be followed by an end of season spruce up from 20th to 28th September. Clean Cornwall volunteers will be collecting tons of rubbish at litter-picks across the county. Beaches, towns, countryside and roads are all on the hit-list and it is hoped that the weeks will result in Cornwall becoming one of the cleanest counties in the country. Further information can be found at www.cleancornwall.org

Groups in the Carrick Area who want to undertake a clean-up or voluntary litter pick can contact our customer services on 01872 224400 or e-mail customerservices@carrick.gov.uk and we can make arrangements for supplying free waste sacks and arrange for the collection of the rubbish collected.

For further information please contact: Alan Miller, Principal Waste Management Officer: 01872 224522

29th February 2008