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Falmouth & Penryn Community Plan…the story so far

What is a Community Plan?
A community plan sets out a future vision for how the local community wants to develop, and identifies the actions needed to achieve it.

Drawing up a community plan is a great opportunity to see where your community is going in future years. It takes time, energy and commitment, but can be great fun and satisfying to do.

What are the benefits of a Community Plan?
It can help:

    • Bring a community closer together
    • Provide a plan for action to improve things for local communities
    • Address local needs through the planning process e.g. affordable housing
    • Provide evidence to support funding bids for local initiatives

Who can be involved?

Anyone who has an interest in the Falmouth or Penryn area could be involved in developing the Plan. You may have skills like:

    • Talking, attending meetings and telling people about the Plan and how they can be involved
    • Analysing data
    • Computer design and graphics
    • Taking photos

These are just some of the ideas of how you can get involved in ‘the Plan’, but there are many more skills which can contribute to its development.

How far has the Plan progressed?

A community plan needs a community to direct it and at present, a management group has been created that is made up of local people and has full support of Penryn & Falmouth Town Councils.

Engaging a diverse cross section of the community it is hoped we will build a unique set of local skills and experiences, which can then be used to nurture the successful regeneration of our neighbourhood.

Many people have said they would like to be involved, however it is not too late if you also come aboard!

For more information about how to get involved in the future of Falmouth & Penryn contact Mark Williams on e-mail:
or tel: 01326 315559