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Falmouth has successfully retained its status as a Fairtrade Town. One of only two Cornish Towns to enjoy Fairtrade status and the first Cornish Town to receive the community recognition back in 2005 from the Fairtrade Foundation. Falmouth has now been re-accredited in 2018. The Town has demonstrated a commitment to supporting Fairtrade and using licensed products with the Fairtrade mark. Town Mayor, Grenville Chappell said ‘ We are proud to have been the first community in Cornwall to achieve Fairtrade status. As a community we have always supported fair and ethical trading. So we are now proud to have sustained that status. We have a dedicated Falmouth Fairtrade Team to thank’. Pat Fitzpatrick of Fairtrade Falmouth added ‘The Group is a small but active one. We have not let size limit our commitment to achieving Fairtrade status from giving presentations to schools and local organisations, celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight in a variety of ways, visiting local retail outlets, to participating in town festivals. We work well in partnership with the Town Council and our local community and that is reflected with the renewal of the status by the Foundation. Fairtrade Councillors Jude Robinson and Brod Ross have been a great source of encouragement and support at our Steering group meetings. We would welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to assist us as we work towards achieving renewal status in 2020’. If you want to know more or be involved, or if you are a trader wanting to tell people about your Fairtrade contribution then contact Pat on 01326 316556 or email patfitz60@btnternet.com or contact the Town Council