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Fairtrade Fortnight: 28th Feb to 13th March

To celebrate Falmouth’s 6th year as a Fairtrade Town the Fairtrade Falmouth team have produced a programme of lively activities around Falmouth to highlight the importance of fair trading globally and locally.

The team will be providing tasters of Fairtrade Coffee, Tea, Wine, Chocolate and Biscuits from several diverse locations including The Farmers Market on 1st March and Phoenix Cinema on12th March.

The annual Coffee mornings at Methodist Church and All Saints Church and Tea Dance at St Mary’s Hall will provide opportunities for discussion and inspiration.

The Fairtrade Falmouth Recipe book is available with recipes from The Fairtrade Foundation and local Chef Sanjay Kumar. Sanjay has added a new recipe this year for ‘Fairtrade Chocolate and Orange Rice Pudding’ and it can be downloaded from www.falmouthalive.org.uk, the recipe card will be available at the Fairtrade events.

Other active organisations and partners include St Mary’s School, Falmouth Marine College and University College Falmouth and more details about their and all Fairtrade Falmouth celebrations will be publicised next week.

The Fairtrade Banner will be hanging in the Falmouth Council Foyer from this week – made from the hand shapes of several hundred local residents. FTF team member Rachel Lay reminds us “that it shows us together we can make a real difference to the quality of life both here and abroad”.

For more information or to join in: 01326 317587.

February 2011