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Dog Control Orders – Kimberley Park and Falmouth Cemetery

Falmouth Town Council will look to ensure compliance with the Cornwall Council Dogs on Lead by Direction Order in respect of Kimberley Park and Falmouth Cemetery.  At both sites irresponsible dog owners have caused issues for other users trying to enjoy those sites.

This means that if a dog causes a nuisance and the owner fails to put it, and keep it on the lead, then it is an offence and they will be liable to either a fixed penalty of £80 or can be prosecuted with a maximum fine of £1,000.

It is very much hoped that this will prevent the issues that have been experienced and all users, including responsible owners and their dogs, can enjoy the park and cemetery.  If this measure does not work then reluctantly the Council will consider a complete ban on dogs in these areas.

Councillor Sterratt, Chairman of Finance and General Purposes Committee, said ‘We hope that by taking this action dog owners will become more responsible and aware of the aspirations of other people using these areas.  If this initiative fails, then we will have to consider taking further steps which may mean banning dogs from these open spaces’.