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Dear Resident

Just like you all, the Council have found itself having to adapt and do things differently over the last few months. I want to update you on the next stage of re-opening our services.

We are at the stage now where we are looking at how we help our community recover. To that end the Town Team (that is the Council and our partner Falmouth Business Improvement District) have made some changes around the Town Centre so that traders can re-open safely, you will have seen the signs and stencils. There are public hand sanitizers and the road is closed to traffic between 1100 and 1600 hours. Please support our local businesses they need you right now.

Your Council has stayed operational throughout. Public toilets and markets have already resumed. Now the Library, Art Gallery and Falmouth Information Service will open from the 6th July. Be aware we will be doing things differently and some of the services we provided previously cannot be offered at the moment. For example we will not be able to take payments, nor offer public computer use, nor permit library browsing, provide our conference facilities or have physical meetings. Please check with us before you visit and still conduct your business with us over the telephone or electronically if you are able.

We have supported vulnerable families and provided youth services. We have also endeavoured to keep parks, gardens and cemeteries open throughout, and from the 6th July our outdoor gym at Dracaena and our various outdoor children’s play areas will be open. This will not include the tree house at Kimberley Park. Parents will need to ensure that they and their children maintain social distance and observe rigorous hand cleaning before and after using the play equipment.

I am very proud of the Council staff that has enabled all of that. Also our community has excelled in supporting and helping each other as I knew Falmouth would, and I have been moved by some of the kindness that we have seen. There has also been a disappointing minority who have flouted the guidelines and I am aware that the behaviour of some users of the beaches and other council facilities has frankly been inconsiderate.

Covid has not gone away, we know you are still anxious, and we have tried to make the above services as safe as we can, but each one of you will need to remain acting reasonably and safely for yourselves and others and observe the guidelines that are in place.

Stay safe
Councillor Steve Eva, Town Mayor