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Community works in partnership on new neighbourly initiative

Agencies in Falmouth and Penryn have joined forces at the beginning of the new academic year to promote safety and encourage people to be good neighbours.

Representatives from University College Falmouth (Falmouth), the University of Exeter (UoE) and the Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union (FXU), have joined forces with local Police, Cornwall Council’s Anti-social Behaviour and Community Safety teams, the local Fire Brigade, Falmouth Town Council and Penryn Town Council.  Together, they have been raising awareness of the differing lifestyles of Falmouth’s diverse population and offering living support advice in student-populated areas of Falmouth and Penryn.

“Our multi-agency approach was to raise awareness across the whole community of the potential impact of noise and general disturbance to help encourage a more harmonious environment for everyone.  We also provided a range of contact details to help residents who are affected by noise nuisance or anti-social behaviour,” explained Keith Hawksworth, the newly-appointed Living Support Officer, Student Community for Falmouth’s Woodlane Campus and the Tremough Campus that Falmouth shares with UoE.  

“We also took the opportunity to highlight issues concerning private rented student accommodation in the area, not only in terms of health and safety, but also with regard to property and tenancy management as well,” added Private Sector Liaison Officer, Richard Wilkins.  “By working proactively with students, landlords and agents, we aim to improve the overall standards of rented accommodation for everyone’s benefit in our two towns.”

“Local people and students alike responded positively to this initiative and welcomed the advice we provided,” said Rich Pearson, FXU Vice President, Welfare.  “Falmouth is a safe and friendly place and we want to keep it that way.  We want our students to make a positive difference to Falmouth and will do everything we can to support community partnerships such as this.  We also welcomed the opportunity to remind students of all the support that is available for them when they need help.”

PC Lisa Kevern, Student Liaison Neighbourhood Beat Manager, added: “By all working together, this provided a great opportunity for us to give advice to the student community and permanent residents on living safely and harmoniously.”

Here are the contact details that were distributed to students and permanent residents, which your readers might also find useful:

Noise nuisance/disturbance

Environmental Protection – Noise


Tel: 0300 1234212

University-related community issues


Tel: 01326 255666 (calls are answered between 9.30am and 11.30am, Monday to Friday, with a voicemail service at other times)

Anti-social behaviour team


Tel: 0300 1234232

Police response

Emergencies – Tel: 999

Non-emergencies – Tel: 101

Community safety team

Crime prevention and support


Tel: 0300 1234232

24hr Fire safety advice

Tel: 0800 3581999