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Climate Emergency

Falmouth Town council having declared a climate emergency, have been looking at simple ways to begin implementing small changes to the way we do things in our community. Some of these projects, will take a little longer to make them sustainable and we are certain will be well received, but some we can implement immediately.

One of those is our Terracycle crisp packet recycling scheme.

As some of you may know, although this is a great scheme, the packets we collect are first couriered to London, then transported to France for processing. The carbon footprint on this we realised, could be eliminated by looking a little closer to home.

We contacted Plastic Free Falmouth for ideas and they directed us to local Penryn based company, Plastic Oceanic, who process nonrecylable litter from beach cleans into jewellery, right on our doorstep. The complete production of all their items from start to finish happens within 3 miles of the office! Added into this they are very close to a zero waste business. On top of this, the crisp packets will also be used in a secret experimental new product prototype, which could be a game changer. Watch this space for that.

So please continue to bring your crisp packets to us at the information hub and library and they will be taken on a normal work route to their workshop, as one of the partners live just up the road from the moor. 0 extra carbon.

If you would like to still use the Terracycle scheme, then there are collection points for this at the garden centre and fire station in Falmouth.

Regarding the donation to the mayor's charity from Terracycle each month, well Plastic Oceanic are going to match it plus a little bit more.