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February 2017

Council Budget Setting

Unsurprisingly given the proximity of council elections, the Town Council has been made aware of misinformation regarding local funding that has been published.

To be clear: Falmouth Town Council has never set its budget in private. Nor has it ever limited any councillor or member of the public access to budget setting. That would not be legal. It is a participative process and all 16 councillors participated and decided budgets at meetings open to the public.

Public Conveniences

Apologies for the inconvenience: Please be aware that the Council is undergoing a redecoration programme for all of the Towns public toilets.

This means at various times in the coming weeks facilities will be unavailable.

Swanpool toilets are currently being refurbished. Next week will be Gyllyngvase and then Grove Place, Prince of Wales Pier and Webber Street in sequence.